The success of the 1st MSTS edition

With great enthusiasm, we share the outputs within the 1st edition of the Postgraduate Programme in Marine Science, Technology, and Society (MSTS) by NOVA School of Science and Technology (NOVA SST), which is supported by the Project: Marine Science, Technology, and Society Education Programme, funded by the EEA Financial mechanism 2014-2021, the “Blue Growth” Program between the Financial Mechanism Committee established by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway and Portugal.

The MSTS postgraduate course was designed to fulfill a transdisciplinary plan within co-construction of knowledge and skills to experience blue growth and the management of marine resources in sustainable development through the integration of science, technology, and society perspectives. 

A solid praxis lived in the MSTS, through the combination between the  interdisciplinary curriculum, the national and international seminars, the the two internships at the partners institutions, can be summarized in the following outputs:

  • 9 postgraduate students
  • 60 ECTS obtained by each student
  • 1 national internship at the Portuguese Institute for the Sea and Atmosphere, I.P. (IPMA-Olhão, Portugal)
  • 1 international internship at Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet, Norway) 
  • 16 seminars with international and national experts in MSTS
  • 9 Projects in MSTS completed by the students and approved by the international jury of the consortium.


Let’s see some goals achieved according to our MSTS students: