Transdisciplinary Education and Training in Marine and Maritime Affairs

The Marine Sciences, Technology and Society (MSTS) project has just been launched, integrated into the Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway Grants, which will implement a transdisciplinary Postgraduate programme in MSTS at NOVA School of Science and Technology and will feature bilateral cooperation between Portugal and Norway, through NOVA SST, Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet, Norway) and the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA, Portugal). It is a great opportunity for innovation in education and training in the marine area.


The transdisciplinary nature of this postgraduation gives a systemic perspective on issues associated with the marine living resources and skills to understand and seek solutions to the problems associated with the exploitation of these resources in their scientific, technological and social dimensions, aligned with the UN SDGs.

With national and international internships for each student, this course includes a strong component of design and practical work in the areas of marine and maritime technology and innovation, filling the gap between academia, industry and society.

The Postgraduate programme in MSTS will enable the launch of initiatives to create employment and to search economic equity through highly qualified and environmentally aware professionals.


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Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA, Portugal)

IPMA is the State Laboratory in charge of the promotion and coordination of scientific research,
technological development, innovation and the provision of services in the fields of the Sea and the Atmosphere, ensuring the implementation of national strategies and policies in their areas of activity,
contributing to economic and social development. The main role of IPMA, in the MSTS Education Programme is to participate in lectures about Aquaculture and Fisheries and deliver specialized Seminars Cycles integrated in the postgraduation. In addition, IPMA will play an important role as a host of the  national internships by integrating the students in its Research Groups and Labs.

Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet, Norway)

OlsoMet will collaborate with the MSTS Education Programme in the areas of Marine Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, and deliver international Seminars Cycles on innovation. OsloMet will be hosting the students from the MSTS Education Programme integrating them at the OsloMet OceanLab. OceanLab coordinates research, innovation, and public outreach activities related to ocean technology and sustainability. The goal of the lab is to contribute to the development of innovative technologies, and projects that have a positive impact on the ocean and contribute to a more sustainable development of ocean related activities. The international internship will promote the exchange of knowledge and innovation applied to marine science and increase capacity building within these topics.